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Imagine thought made visible and visual as large cartoon-like dialogue bubbles in English and mandarin Chinese. The dialogue bubbles revealing and reminding us that entire economies, histories, cultures, and peoples are embedded in the conversations we have and the things we buy.

INNER PACKAGE, the title of the exhibition, is a term used on international shipping labels letting people know that there is something on the inside of something else. Viewers to the exhibition space encountered 12 oversized, ultra thin, pristine white, cartoon like thought-talk bubbles, in english & mandarin Chinese. Works floated in space on aircraft cables and hovered slightly off the white gallery walls. Viewers could piece together various words and phrases into staccato consumer culture questions and dialogue.

Text on the floating sculptures: this one?   no that one,  more,  a lot more,  at what cost,  i'm american,  inner package,  is it far? customer satisfaction,  bratz dolls,  earbuds,  underpants.